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Fortunate Friends

Three women in their thirties. Different backgrounds, different beliefs, different aspirations; same good fortune. 

For Shauna, celebrations surrounding an unexpected windfall are short-lived. Facing a lawsuit, her mother’s unpredictable behaviour, and the sudden appearance of a long-lost relative, the shine of good fortune is quick to fade.

Frankie loves her life. Even living with difficult circumstances her glass is always half-full — she wouldn’t change a thing. When good fortune falls at Frankie’s feet, she is loath to embrace it, terrified of the potential disaster it could bring.

Bec’s good fortune pales into insignificance when compared to her husband’s indiscretion. The lawyer in her is quick to see the situation in black and white. He’s at fault; the marriage needs to end. Bec’s haste to move on, coupled with her decision to hide her recent luck, has devastating consequences.

Good fortune helps form unlikely friendships when the lives of these three women are brought together. Will their combined strength be enough to help solve the problems of their already complicated lives? Or will it further fuel them?


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