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An Unexpected Journey from Indie to Amazon Author - Part 3

Three months along...

I's hard to believe that tomorrow marks the three month mark since Lake Union Publishing re-released Everyday Lies. I had no idea what to expect and to be honest, still don't when it comes to sales and rankings.

After huge sales through the release month, sales now seem to have settled down to a regular daily average (about ten times what I used to sell in a day when the book was self-published). Any time Lake Union run a promotion I see a sudden spike in rankings and in sales and then it goes back to the daily average.

I had a lovely email from Amazon's marketing team recently letting me know how pleased they are with the sales numbers and more importantly the reviews of the book. The average across the three main stores, US, UK and AUS, is 4.6 out of 5 which is fantastic and a relief! At the end of the day I have no control over the marketing they are doing so sales numbers are in their hands, but the reviews reflect on the one thing I do have control over - the story. Hopefully the thousands of readers who've now downloaded and read Everyday Lies will be inspired to read my next book!

It's still two and a half months until Rival Sisters is released (August 1st), BUT, I have some big news I can't wait to share regarding the marketing of this book. I'm just not allowed to share that news ... yet!

I received the second round of the structural edit for the fifth book which is part of this contract, HER LAST HOPE, today. I have two weeks to get that back to them which is quite generous - normally I would have one week for this stage but I think they are being rather generous knowing that most of their authors became home schooling teachers a couple of months back! I imagine I'll be working some late nights from today! It is hard to get my head back into that book after living in my new HOPE"S RIDGE series the past month or two.

I hope June's newsletter has me able to announce my exciting new regarding RIVAL SISTERS.

In the meantime, remember to celebrate each milestone along the way, rather than constantly pushing the goal posts and most importantly, stay healthy and look after yourselves and your loved ones in this very unsettling time. 💕

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