Leah Donaldson and Eve West may be identical twins, but their personalities and lives couldn’t be more different.

A journalist, Leah is a caring, compassionate person who would do anything for those she loves, especially her sister’s twin daughters. She longs for a life like Eve’s.

Real estate agent, Eve envies her sister's independence. She simply isn’t cut-out to be the perfect wife and mother. Is this what has contributed to her estrangement from her husband and her affair with another man?

Are Eve and Leah living the wrong lives? When a life-altering event upends their world, who will seize the second chance they’ve been given? Does doing the wrong thing matter, if it’s for the right reasons?

For one sister, a split-second decision will test her to the limits. To claim her future, she will need to have the courage to let go of the past and discover a life worth living of her own.


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A Life Worth Living