The Crafters’ Club Series follows the adventures of four children who find their way from the real world into the world of Minecraft. Many adventures play out in the Minecraft world where they must learn to craft supplies, outwit mobs and ultimately survive.  Themes of friendship, courage, self-confidence, trust, empowerment, anti-bullying and more are threaded throughout the storylines. The series is aimed at 6-10 year olds but also appeals to a wider age range of Minecraft fans.


When ordering books 1-10 you will receive:


Book One: Two Worlds

Book Two: The Villagers

Book Three: Lost

Book Four: The Professor

Book Five: Spirit

Book Six: Friendship

Book Seven: The Secret

Book Eight: The Promise

Book Nine: The End

Worlds Collide: Crafters’ Club Special Edition #1

The Crafters' Club Books 1-10

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