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Rival Sisters


Tragedy pushed them apart. Can troubled times bring them back together?


Hannah and Nat were teenagers when their mum died in a terrible accident. The pain of it tore them apart, creating a rift that they’ve never been able to bridge. Each is rarely able to understand or appreciate her sister’s perspective, each quick to be riled by the other.


Both women have been indelibly shaped by the tragedy. Hannah is controlling, desperate to protect her loved ones in a way she failed to do with her mum. Meanwhile, Nat is forever running from the ‘selfish daughter’ label that she was marked with after the accident.


Now secrets in both women’s lives threaten to bring them down. Help may be close at hand, but neither can see it. But with life falling apart and the truth is in short supply, can they finally see past their differences to the bond that could bring them together?

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