New Worlds - Book #1

Eleven-year-old Curly Jones’ life has become unbearable. A target of constant bullying, change seems impossible…that is, until new girl, Belle, arrives. Not only does Belle bring friendship, she provides an introduction to the Secret World; a world of magic, adventure and unexpected friends. But it’s not all fun and excitement. When an unwelcome visitor threatens the Secret World, Curly will need every ounce of courage to discover his own magic and fight for its future.


Old Worlds - Book #2

When Curly and Belle return to the Secret World their excitement is short-lived. A danger no one could ever have predicted is present and Curly’s magic is needed if there is to be any chance of survival. Can Curly muster the courage and determination to travel to a dangerous and unknown land and ultimately save the Secret World?


© 2020  Louise Guy